New traffic laws March 2022


The DGT (traffic police department) has just launched a new information campaign to highlight the main changes in the Traffic Laws that will come into force on 21st March this year to hopefully further improve road safety in Spain and discourage such recklessness.

With the hashtag #NuevosTiemposNuevasNormas their media campaign will focus on seven of the most important changes introduced which include 6 points on your license instead of 3 if caught using a mobile ‘phone, even if you’re just holding it, even for the GPS function!

Not using the seat belt, child restraint systems and other protection elements or not doing so properly will cost you 4 points.

Throwing objects that can cause fires or accidents on the road or in its vicinity entails the loss of 6 points.

To overtake a bicycle or a moped, you must do so by completely occupying the adjacent lane on roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction. On single lane roads, you will have to maintain the minimum lateral separation of 1.5 meters or you will lose 6 points.

Pedestrians now finally have right of way over vehicles in crosswalks, on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones.