Smallworld Cafe



An authentic coffee experience

Nestled in the heart of Marbella, Smallworld Café beckons with its charming ambiance and delectable offerings. As clients step into this quaint establishment, they are greeted by the aromatic embrace of freshly brewed coffee and the soothing hum of background chatter. Smallworld Café’s menu is a delightful fusion of international flavours and local ingredients. The avocado toast, a house specialty, is a testament to their commitment to freshness and quality. The café exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with warm wooden tones and eclectic décor. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking a tranquil space to work, read, or simply savor a cup of coffee. The outdoor seating area, adorned with vibrant flowers, adds a touch of charm to the overall ambiance. The baristas at Smallworld Café are true artisans, crafting each cup of coffee with precision and care. The cappuccino boasts a velvety foam, while the espresso is a robust and aromatic pick-me-up. The staff, adorned with welcoming smiles, adds a personal touch to the café experience.

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12.30 pm to 12 am

Centro Comercial Le Village Carretera Istán KM1 Local 15, 29602 Marbella, Málaga